Alastin Hydratint is a revolutionary new facial sunscreen and moisturizer that has all the benefits of both, without the drawbacks of traditional sunscreens and moisturizers. This all-in-one product hydrates and defends your skin against sun damage while also providing long-term protection and anti-aging benefits.


Your Skincare Source understands the importance of protecting and nourishing the skin, so Alastin Hydratint has been carefully formulated to include natural and powerful ingredients such as raspberry seed oil, Vitamin E and licorice root extract.

Alastin Hydratint is designed to naturally protect and support skin’s own natural barrier, helping to prevent future signs of aging. It utilizes a unique combination of plant-based antioxidants that are designed to address and repair current skin damage from factors such as UV radiation and environmental pollutants. Natural ingredients like safflower oil, bee pollen and honey also provide essential nutrition and moisturizing benefits, while the addition of hylaruonic acid delivers that extra surge of moisture to give that fresh, dewy look without looking oily. 

By far our best selling sunscreen moisturizer at our practice, iThrive Beauty, and on our website!


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